Your construction company web site should pull its own weight!

Generating leads and business with your website. Even if you haven’t been paying much attention to modern website design, the benefits of a GREAT construction marketing website will boggle your mind. Small to medium sized companies can, and should, have a website that “pulls its own weight.” The right site, integrated with the right tools,...

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A New Way for Construction Companies to Recruit College Students

What do you do when you want to recruit a college student to you construction company? Talk to a college student. I recently met University Beyond on Twitter (@UBeyond), and we engaged in conversation about brand ambassadors until we realized we should talk more.  University Beyond created a turnkey mechanism to recruit, deploy, and manage...

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Happy Mardi Gras!

Good Design Builds Credibility

Occasionally I’m asked why we have an in-house design team and not just be a marketing-only firm. The main reason is that good design builds credibility and our clients generally do not have in-house designers. (Even those  larger construction companies that have internal designers, usually still need help with their company’s website.) Let me explain...

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Drone Photography in Construction

I delayed today’s blog post until I could met with a local drone photographer over lunch. I met Craig Guillot with NOLA Aerials ( You can see some of his work below. I’ve seen a few construction companies (such as Yantis Company) starting to use drones for pictures in marketing materials, safety reviews, and even for...

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Founder Focused or Brand Focused?

This is a question we discuss in our book that has come up a few times recently. Many companies start with a savvy, likable character that is a natural business developer. The company’s brand and marketing is founder-focused. For many people (clients, prospects, employees), the brand and the founder are the synonymous. This also happens with company presidents...

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Confessions of a Brand Constructor

Resources, experience, knowledge, and advice… that’s what our clients expect from us. We aim to practice what we preach by making sure our brand experience is always a game-changer, and that requires a resource complete with the latest updates and amenities. Our newly redesigned website accomplishes this goal by serving as an educational portal and branding resource vault to help you build better...

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A Bad Marketing Plan

LinkedIn shared an article from one of their influencers, Linda Coles, that had a great caricature that personified the problem with most construction companies’ marketing plans. No good comes from mere wishful thinking.