How Google Maps Can Attract Potential Leads in Your Area

What’s our newest secret weapon in attracting qualified leads for clients who utilize search marketing?

It’s Google Maps. Using this location targeting method in Google Advertisement helps you streamline your advertising efforts to get the attention of your local potential clients, reaping maximum conversions at minimal cost-per-click rates.

If you want to increase local potential leads for your construction company, then read on…

In our experience with Google, and depending on the industry of the client we are working with, CPC (Cost Per Click) for ads can be up to $30 per click. Google Maps has completely changed the game for increasing local visibility, and it charges only a fraction of the cost of traditional search ads.

Google Ads Performance Analysis

Using Google Maps for our clients have produced up to 300 conversions (physical visits or phone calls) over the span of 1-2 months, and for as little as $0.59 per click. The numbers do not lie; this is an effective marketing tactic to attract qualified leads in your area.


What if physical visits are not relevant for my construction company?


When you think of Google Maps, you probably are thinking about its relevancy only to those who are actively searching the physical location of a business with the intent to visit in-person. While that is true, we have seen a shift in the way Google utilizes their map feature. For instance, if you search “construction companies near me”, your search results will populate about three advertised websites and below it – you guessed it – a map with all of the construction companies in your area. Research shows that more than 60% of people will jump straight to the map results to find a local solution to what they are seeking.

All of this to say, Google Maps Ads are not solely for businesses seeking an increase in in-store visits. It’s a powerful tactic to increase your overall online visibility as well.

Before diving into Google Maps, you need to ensure that your website and overall digital presence is in good graces with the Google gods… as in, your website is optimized for local search results and is fully responsive.

Do this to insure your web presence is optimized for Google Maps and Maps Ads:

1. Be sure your Google My Business is up-to-date.

2. Make sure all of your social media accounts contain your correct address.

3. Make sure you are engaging in social media interactions with local clients.

4. Ask for customer reviews.

Once you’ve optimized your digital marketing assets, advertising with Google Maps can be a key solution to gaining brand awareness and new business in your area with minimal ad-spend. There are a variety of tools construction marketers can use to gain awareness and attract clients, and Google Maps is a powerful one.

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