You’re You!

The other day I ran across a familiar quote from one of my favorite authors that said, “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” Dr. Seuss was a brilliant man and his lessons apply to businesses, not just small children.

I am amazed how many construction companies have no idea who they are as a company. Every company, no matter how small or large, has a personality. That personality is unique and when it is not visible, it causes a ripple effect of misfortunes.

Companies that do not showcase their personality usually have turnover issues and numerous problem customers. This is a marketing issue not always HR or management. Your company’s brand personality will help you attract like-minded employees and keep team members happy, which reduces turnover. Another thing that reduces turnover is happy clients because they make your employees happy and happy employees make your customers happy. (See how that works?) When you project your personality outwards, you attract customers that are like you. Do you ever wonder why your customers just do get “it”? It is because they’re not like you and never will be so there is more friction than needed. Clients are seeking out vendors they like, especially in the build industry because a project can last years.

Most companies do not show off their personality because they are unsure who they are or they are timid to offend anyone. I know we live in a highly “Politically Correct” world, but for every prospect you turn away, you create a raving fan. I suggest it is better to have 50 people that love you even if 50 people dislike you than to have 100 people that sort of like you. Your brand community, which includes your employees, vendors, and customers, should be passionate about your company – otherwise they are just bystanders.

Keep in mind, “You are you. Now, isn’t that pleasant?” – Dr. Seuss