Winning RFPs

Don’t just respond to RFPs – WIN them!

Brands_LandisMany construction companies have been putting out “the same old bid” for years. The thinking behind it is, “well it worked before” or “it worked for my dad,” but those days are gone. Smaller GC’s are looking bigger and getting bolder while you’ve been using the same old materials. Your competition for work has increased too over the last few years. So, what are you doing to stand out from the crowd? Will those “old” submittal materials help you compete?

If you think your differentiation from all of the other construction companies is that you are: “Really On time and On Budget”, “You hire the best people”, or “Your commitment to honesty, integrity and truth”, then this is your wake up call. The truth is… Your next door neighbor competitor is saying exactly the same thing (whether it’s true or not is a different matter), so now, the only difference you can compete on is price. That is BAD!! That makes your company and the work you do a commodity. Unless all you do is Low-bid work – you have to compete with other “qualified” companies, and to do that, you need to tip the scale in your favor. That means, you must prove that you are more qualified, better at the work, take a different approach, more experienced, possess vertical expertise, etc.

We’ve been working with our clients for years to differentiate their company and set themselves apart in the RFP bidding process, capture the attention of the bid selection committee, and create bids that get you to the presentation stage – and closing the deal.

This isn’t a proposal re-write or a “More Attractive” RFP response we are talking about – this makes the big improvements that help you get to the TOP of the LIST.

We are proud to offer The Hit Rate Multiplier ™ system. Our system includes the strategy and planning needed to: Pick the right opportunities, understand the tactics necessary for success, avoid client pet peeves, create RFPs that make you look more than “just qualified”, and help you get to the final round when you are bidding against 3-50 construction companies.

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