Why the Affordable Healthcare Website Failed?

Since my team does website development combined with my experience in government proposals, I’ve been asked numerous times why the Affordable Healthcare (Obamacare) failed.

It has nothing to do with Democrats versus Republicans or if you like President Obama. I see the failure on the government’s procurement system primarily be based on low-bid. We see this repeatedly in construction and luckily things are changing toward best value bids.

When you require low bid, you ask for the minimum a company can provide and discourage innovation, customer service, and accountability. As a consumer, this sounds horrible, yet government agencies from the local, state, and federal level all utilize it. The media outlets are having a field day finding website experts that continually state the website utilizes ten-year-old technology and was doomed to fail from the start. What do you expect when you reward the cheapest bid?

Cartman says it best: