Why Sub-Contractors Need a Website?

Picture from The Boldt Company.

Since we work in the A/E/C industry, we are told all the time, “I’m a sub-contractor, I don’t need a website.” I try not to laugh in their face. I will try to explain why a sub needs a website, but some old dogs will never learn new tricks.

Construction is an industry of relationships. This is not news to you or me. A website can reinforce new and existing relationship alike, especially when teamed with a simple monthly email.

• Meeting new general contractors – If you get your business from general contractors, how can you increase your company’s revenue? Either you get your GCs to get more business or you get more GCs to do work with in the future. Many times a relationship is started at a networking event or even word-of-mouth. After this exchange, the GC will look at your website for your history, type of projects worked, service area, etc. before calling you. They want to make sure reaching out to you is worthwhile.

• Outsiders – In this day in age, many big box retailers have a general contractor that travels from city to city building their new retail stores. This GC needs subs and generally does not have allegiances to anyone. How do they find these subs? Many times, they Google a sub-contractors specific trade. Even if they call the local ABC or AGC chapter, they will get a list of names and then search your company out on the web.

• Recruiting – You say you’re GCs are happy with your company and work. What happens when one of your best employees quits, retires, gets hurt, what have you? You need to have good talent applying to work for your company. The next generation of workers are looking on the web and if you’re not on the web, you do not exist. What young twenty something wants to work for a company with a website? Also, what do you do when your GC needs more work from you and you’re overworked? Work everyone 60+ hours a week or let your GC look elsewhere? No, you need to recruit the best workers out there.

• More business from existing relationships – With a monthly email that showcases new services and recent completed projects will keep you top-of-mind with your GCs, remind them of your greatness, and remind them that they need to work with you because you’re the best.

    Now, do you believe a sub-contractor needs a website?