Why Blog?

People blog for different reasons: a personal diary, a way to vent, or to share an obsession. You may fall into one of those categories, but I would tell you to blog to share your professional expertise. You are the expert in your industry so tell us about it. For example, we are the experts on brand marketing for the construction industry. We’ve helped our clients grow their business through cost-effective brand marketing techniques for years and even spoke about this topic at different conferences. I’m sure your experience and education has lead to a wealth of information that people would be happy to read. Your reading our blog right now so something must be working.

Other benefits of blogging besides sharing your experience is positioning you and/or your company as the industry expert. Blogging also adds keyword rich content to your website that the search engines love and reward you with higher search rankings. Also, you can even vent a bit about things that irritate you in your industry and about poor client encounters. We all have them, use them to teach new clients how not to be bad clients. Obviously this can not be the bulk of your blog posts, but scaring aware similar bad clients is not always a bad things.