Why Advertising Fails…

I recently a rather amusing list of why advertising fails. You may wonder what is amusing about failure. Just Google “Fail” images and you will see a lot of funny failures. In regards to this list, it is more some of the shear obvious reasons to us and also when we have see companies totally miss the mark because of something so simple as something like boredom or using the totally wrong advertising mediums.

From http://unbounce.com/funny/13-epic-marketing-fails/

  • • Premature abandonment
  • • Silly positioning
  • • Failure to focus
  • • Beginning without a written plan of attack
  • • Picking the wrong media for the right audience
  • • Being unclear to prospects
  • • Not understanding customers
  • • Exaggeration that undermines truth
  • • Not keeping up with change
  • • Unrealistic expectations
  • • Saving money in the wrong places
  • • Thinking it can be done without hard work
  • • Committees and layers of management
  • • Not supporting advertising with other marketing
  • • Starting out in the wrong direction
  • • Boring advertising

One of the best ways to make sure your advertising campaign is not susceptible to something on this list is to simply think like a consumer. Step back and think, if I didn’t work here, would I get this ad. Does this ad make me stop and think about the product? Is this ad campaign memorable enough to remember 24 hours from now?

Chances are if you pass those questions, you will pass our last question, “Who Cares?” That is the ultimate question for all of our marketing & advertising campaigns as well as just our designs – who cares.

Another advertising fail from http://unbounce.com/funny/13-epic-marketing-fails/