The Brand Constructors are the experts in Construction Brand Marketing and Construction Websites. We are proud to share our knowledge and expertise with construction trade associations and publications. The Brand Constructors regularly present at construction industry marketing conferences and write for industry publications, including SMPS, AGC, ABC, and CFMA.

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Websites That Work
Your company’s website is one of the most visible marketing tools and most valuable tools in your marketing toolkit. One of the biggest mistake construction companies make with their website is not utilizing it at its fullest potential. Your website should not only make you money, but should save your company money as well.
Construction Marketing Toolkit

Our role is to provide your marketing & business development team with the tools they need to succeed, whether that be website, logo, tradeshow, advertising or marketing materials. We build on on your brand’s personality and differentiating characteristics through outstanding marketing tools that aid you in competing beyond low bid and recruiting the best employees.

Every construction company needs different tools in their marketing toolkit; some common tools are:

  • Strong Logo with Icon
  • Website & Robust CMS (Content Management System)
  • Proposal/RFP/SOQ Template
  • Jobsite Signage
  • Brochures (think iPad)
  • Tradeshow Display & Collateral
How to Hire a Web Development Company

You probably haven’t developed many websites in your career so you want to work with a team of experts. Unfortunately, not all web development companies are created equally.

We’ve created an unbiased list of things to look for when hiring a website development company.

Niche/Vertical Marketing
Many construction companies are a jack-of-all-things and master of none. You can position your company for success, command larger profits, and have clients seek you out when you have a niche.

How to Spot Branding Red Flags
Sometimes marketers and executives are just too close to your company’s brand to realize there are signs of trouble or you need to prove to your executives that you’re not crazy. We’ve created a whitepaper that points out multiple red flags that your brand needs attention.

Branding Through the Recession
A recession means tough times for the construction industry, but it doesn’t mean you should stop marketing your company. Actually a recession is the ideal time to market because the companies that dominate during a recession will be the first ones our of the recession and continue to lead for years to come. A wise man said, “Stopping marketing to save money is like stopping a watch to save time.” It just doesn’t achieve the desired results.

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