What’s Next?

thinkstock_180443855-smOne of the hardest parts of being a business professional is keeping an eye out for what’s next while managing your current workload. In construction marketing, this gets compounded by unrealistic proposal deadlines, chasing down proposal information that was due days ago, and the random requests from other parts of the company like event planning. Of course, in construction, there is a general lack of understanding about marketing so investing in new technologies can seem futile.

Don’t despair just yet. Plan in 30-minutes a week to keep up with industry websites, read marketing best practices, and immerse yourself in tomorrow’s technologies. This research isn’t about dreaming about useless marketing techniques that only about in the Business-to-Consumer (B2C) arena, this is about staying on top of what is going on. Your CEO & CFO want to evolve, they want to get ahead of the bandwagon, and they want serious ROI (Return On Investment).

As you’re creating your game plan for getting things like marketing automation, proposal templates, lead scoring, personal branding, and internal marketing, always keep in mind the ROI and their perspective. Things that save or make the company money should take priority. This cost savings needs to include saving your time, in particular, if having a few key tools in place save additional salaries and overtime pay, they are more willing to pay. Newer marketing tools we implement with our clients that save hundreds of hours a year, like a web tracking and lead scoring system, means large ROI and a no brainer decision. Don’t forget about losing opportunities too.

Don’t forget about losing opportunities too. Not keeping up, such as getting penalized by Google for having a Flash animation on your website or not having a mobile version of your website, can cost your company millions.

What are some newer technologies and techniques that you have or want to add to your marketing toolkit?