What's in a Press Kit?

Your press kit is fairly universal, but you should customize it based on who you are giving it to and what they’re looking for from it.

Media Breakdown:

  • – Local & Regional Media – What effect does your news have upon the area?
  • – Trade & Professional Media – What do you do? For whom? and To what standards? (Remember this is to peers and you don’t want them laughing at you.)
  • – Client trade & professional media – Want to know about your impact on their readership – basically, how do you do something better, faster, cheaper.

Here is a checklist of things that can be in your press kit.

  • • Press Releases – Both current & recent releases.
  • • Fact Sheets – About the firm & the particular project. A client fact sheet is a nice addition.
  • • Statement about the design, construction, technology, challenges, & community served. 
  • • Project Chronology (Especially future dates of milestones.)
  • • “Did You Know” Factoids that they can spotlight.
  • • Visuals with descriptive captions.
  • • Pertinent Maps
  • • Site Plan, select floor plans & elevations
  • • Website Homepage
  • • Relevant whitepapers/case studies
  • • Q&A interviews
  • • Client Background
  • • Names to Know with short bios and contact info (Again, don’t forget the client.)
  • • Recent articles about your firm
  • • Reference sheet/research
  • • Additional experts to interview
  • • Annual Report (if you’re a public company)
  • • Your business card (for follow-up)
  • • Video, audio, podcast, slide show, etc. about project

If you have any additional items for a press kit, please leave a comment below.