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Website Development for Contractors

Are you struggling to market your construction business online? Wondering if a professionally-built contractor website with great SEO might help? The phone book is a thing of the past, and your customers are searching for you online using Google and other referral sites. Is your website up to the challenge of helping you win those really big projects? Does it attract search-traffic, tell the right story, compel researchers and inspire visitors to contact you? It should! Brand Constructors offers tailored website development for contractors.

One of the biggest challenges GCs face is building (and successfully managing) an effective web presence that produces real customer engagement and conversion. Many web designers build nice-looking websites, but few build websites that produce results and generate ROI for construction companies.

If you are ready for a website that works as hard as you do, then it is time to get in touch with The Brand Constructors®


Responsive Web Design Brand Constructors builds websites for general contractors.

Responsive Web Design

Is your business website optimized for smart phones and tablets and how users of those devices consume content? Or, will it frustrate your audience and run off potential new business? Few things are more annoying than trying to view a website on a smart phone that was designed for a desktop computer.

The Good News is: You don’t need multiple websites. You need Responsive Design.

You don’t have to build a new website strictly for mobile. With Responsive Design, you can have one website that automatically adjusts on all screens sizes across all devices – desktop, tablet and phone (iOS and Android compatible). In addition, Responsive Design is ideal for SEO.




Custom WordPress Development for Construction Companies

Custom WordPress Development

We use WordPress as our primary Content Management System (CMS). The flexibility of WordPress allows us to develop highly customized business development websites that can be easily updated by you and your team.

The Benefits of a WordPress Construction website with Responsive Design:
It’s Easy To Use
Save time by focusing on the content for your website instead of worrying about how you’re going to format it. Working with WordPress allows you, or your staff, to add and edit content easily. You can also authorize multiple people to have administrative capabilities so that you’re in control.

It’s SEO Friendly (Search Engine Optimization)
Wordpress code is streamlined, making it easy for search engines like Google and Bing to read and index the content on your site. Use title tags and meta descriptions, and every page on your site can be optimized for search-ability. Your website will be easily discoverable by qualified visitors because it will outrank your competition’s site.

It’s Customizable
Wordpress pages span across a number of diverse industries and are published in 120 languages. This is no cookie-cutter solution. The Brand Constructors developers will work with you to create a custom design that reflects your brand’s unique and powerful personality.


SEO and Analytics Improvements To Your Website

SEO & Analytics

Having solid SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and a good understanding of your construction company’s website analytics is essential to seeing how your users are interacting with your website. This data will allow us to make adjustments to the pages that are successful and the pages that are not. Don’t you want to know where your prospects are spending most of their time on your site? We do!

The best practices for Search Engine Optimization are not what they were 5 years ago, or even 1 year ago. Search algorithms change daily, and that is why it’s vital to stay up-to-date with the current trends to ensure that Google still ranks your business at the top. We use the available data & analytics to customize your digital strategy, keep your site on the cutting edge of SEO, and keep you highly ranked with Google.

Once we have your on-going content strategy in place, it’s important to consistently monitor and make adjustments to stay at the top. We are committed to the success of your business and have the tools to track your accomplishments. The website content you have right now, might not be what you need to have a year from now for great SEO results, so let us help you stay ahead of the game.


Construction Website Speed Optimization Benefits

Speed Optimization

For your company’s construction website, speed is what you need! Speed Optimization is defined by how fast or slow your website loads in a browser. Having an optimized website will increase traffic, conversion rates, sales, and return on investment.

Users expect websites to load quickly, especially on their mobile device. If a site is taking too long to load, they will simply hit the back button and move to the next site in their Google search; and that will be to one of your competitors. Google measures how fast your site loads, and will boost your ranking if it loads quickly OR push your ranking lower for a slow-loading website. But that is not the only reason to have a speed-optimized website. A speedy website creates a better user experience, making it more likely the user can find the information they are seeking. A satisfied user is also more likely to return to your site in the future.

Architects and engineers don’t want to wait for 60 seconds for your website to load, so we optimize for speed and delivery. When creating responsive websites, we monitor load time for each component of the site. We optimize every ounce of your website for speed to create the ideal user experience.


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