9 Biggest Mistakes Construction Companies Make on Proposals

The average proposal pursuit costs construction companies $10,000 and most construction companies are satisfied with a 10-20% hit rate. That means it costs $50,000-100,000 to win a project. Join our conversation about the 9 biggest mistakes that are costing you millions of dollars in lost opportunities and thousands of dollars in lost time.

Positioning Your Company for Success on Proposals (audio)

Rob Folse, Brand Constructors’ brand strategist and ConExecU speaker, discusses the importance of construction companies positioning themselves for success in proposals.

Horrible Presentations – 3 Things Your Clients Won’t Tell You

You’re losing new projects in the presentation round and you don’t know why because clients won’t tell you what they rally think. We’ll dive past the “P.C.”, vague responses prospects give you in debriefs and tell you the 3 biggest reasons why you’re losing projects.