The ROI of Going Big

Woodward's old brand on Benson Towers in the New Orleans CBD next to the Superdome.

“Go big or go home.” I’m not sure who said it, but it is good advice, especially in the construction marketing arena.

I’ve been talking about branding your construction site and sometimes it pays to go big. Any time you have a project that is high profile, high traffic, big, and/or long-term it pays to get the biggest bang for your buck. Think about it a minute, if you have a high profile project that is going to take 2-3 years (or more) along a busy highway– wouldn’t you want to maximize your exposure. In most cities, a billboard in a high traffic area is at least $2,000 a month. You can promote your company for the cost of 1 month of that and say, “Look at what we’re doing!” I’m always amazed when I see a construction company, architect or engineering firm place their standard old 4’x8′ construction site sign at the service entrance of an epic new building.

GO BIG PEOPLE! This project is going to put your company on the map and/or elevate you to a new level, so tell everyone you’re doing it. Make sure everyone that can see the building – can see your logo.

Thank you to my friend, Robert Norton at Woodward Design+Build, for these great pictures. The first is a large sign facing one of the busiest streets in downtown New Orleans (CBD). It was a high profile project that was all over the news and at least 25,000 people saw that sign every day, even more on game day since the building is located next to the Superdome, official home of our beloved Saints. The printing & installation might have run a few thousand dollars, but think of the impact.

Below is another Woodward project, this time with their new brand image. You can see their logo from hundreds of feet in the air! This banner resides on their current project along I-10 which connects New Orleans and the suburbs, even more traffic than the previous building. Not only did Woodward go big on this one, they put their logo on three sides of the building to maximize their exposure. Even before there was a building, a Woodward sign hung from their crane.

Talk to your printers to see what materials will last throughout the project. We printed signs for a development in 2007 and they had an 18-month warranty. The signs are still up today because they were printed on a metal back and are even reflective. We spent 20% more to go from a 3-month life span to an 18-month guaranteed life span and they’ve lasted 5+ years. You can’t beat that.

Remember, the ROI is about going big or you might as well go home.

Woodward's new brand is easily visible on the construction of the new Orleans Parish Prison along Interstate 10.