The Polka Dot Concrete Mixer

While driving to a client’s office a short while ago, something crossed my eyes that just amazed me – a polka dotted concrete mixer. I thought, “What the?” and then thought, “That’s awesome!” I immediately pulled out my phone and took the best picture I could (to the right).

Have you ever really thought about a concrete mixer? Do you really notice them at all when they drive up & down the road? Probably not. Most  people, even in the construction industry, only notice concrete mixers if they’re blocking traffic or on their construction site. I have to admit, I can name a few local concrete companies, but they never got my attention like this polka dotted one.

This is a perfect example of taking a small step to stand out. Is the concrete in the polka dot mixer any better than a bland concrete mixer? Any worse? Probably not. Do you remember this mixer? YES!

Now, think of the cost to paint the mixer. The cost to add the polka dots is minimal when compared to just painting the thing white, but the impact is dramatic. I will give the mixer one critique, I don’t know what company has the polka dotted mixers, but I will keep an eye out for the dotted mixers in the future, then I will find out their name.

Think how your company can stand out? Can a unique property sign or paint job on your machinery make you stand out? If you’re not sure, just ask the Demo Diva (one of the best Facebook pages I’ve ever seen in the construction industry).