The Digital Divide in Construction

chasm_Thinkstock-452266423-croppedIn an article I just wrote for CFMA (Construction Financial Management Association) coming out next month, I spoke about the “Digital Divide” that I see in the construction industry.

In a nutshell, you can divide the industry into two groups:
– construction companies that get business online
– construction companies that do NOT get business from their website

If you’re in the latter group, you’re missing out. Because you do not get prospective clients from your website, I expect you must do numerous low-bid projects just to survive. No, people do not buy buildings or new asphalt roadways online like they buy books on, but they do qualify construction companies online. The construction companies with strong, engaging websites have clients contacting them to buy their services, and they pay more for that company’s expertise.

Most construction buyers disqualify a construction company within seconds of going to the contractor’s website. If you pass that initial gut reaction test, the buyer will look around to see if you’re qualified and to see if they like you. Construction buyers are human after all. Many construction projects last years, so that natural fit and comfort level is important to them. Also, most buyers do not regularly purchase construction services, so they do more research than procurement officers.

Novice buyers are making a once-in-a-career decision that they must live with for decades, and they can not simply return a company’s services like they would a television to Best Buy because they made the wrong decision. You need to court your potential buyers by engaging them online and making it blatantly clear that you’re the right construction company for their needs.

Now is the time to start making money on from your website. And if you’re already making money online, you need to put distance between you and those just getting started to widen the digital gap to continue to make money. Either way, we can help you make more money with your website.