Thank You, Vendors?

It is nearly Thanksgiving and people are in a thankful mood, even those already in line at Best Buy’s for the Black Friday sale next week. One category many businesses regularly forget are their vendors & subcontractors. Can you do your job without them? Probably not.

Many times, you are only as good as your resources and if they drop the ball, then you drop the ball for your clients. How many times have your subcontractors saved you with a last minute job to cover your mistake or help your customer in a jam? It probably happens more than you’d like to admit.

Also, your vendors and subcontractors should be referral sources for you. They probably get asked to do jobs beyond their skill set or pay grade as my military friends would say. Your subs probably work with multiple construction companies, why would they choose you? Because you take care of them and they like working with you.

This season when you’re thanking your clients, staff, and referral sources, remember to keep your subcontractors and vendors in mind as well. Whether it be a thank you note, a gift of appreciation, or even just a call to say thanks, it all goes a long way to building that relationship so they will continue to perform for you.