Testimonials – Presenting

From SMPS Southern Regional Conference (SRC) 2011:

“Fantastic session. Best one of the conference.”

From SMPS Southeast Louisiana luncheon – August 2012:

“ It was good to learn about Social Media from someone who obviously is using it regularly & who can dumb it down for us old people, ha ha!”

From Greg Sykora with ERCO and ABC New Jersey

“Vegas [ABC Institute] was worth while thanks to this presentation.”

From audience member after National Air Duct Cleaners Association conference 2013:

“I wish all of the presenters at this conference were as engaging and thorough as you.”

From Angela Latino Geier, President of ABC Bayou

“Thank you so much for your presentation at the Board Leadership Retreat; several folks referred back to your comments later during the meeting as a goal for 2014!”

From evaluation survey at SMPS Heartland 2013

“Active speaker and made the content fun.”

From evaluation survey at SMPS Heartland 2013

“Very interactive & innovative – forced you to think in a new way and reevaluate the way you do things. Very good & information presentation – we will be taking things back to our firm!”