60-Year-Old Company Experiences a Branding Renaissance



Bringing a 15th-century artisanal flooring solution out of the dark-ages

American Tile & Terrazzo was ready for some aggressive growing, but felt their marketing wasn’t up to the challenge. They wanted to know how to expand into new markets and increase awareness for their unique flooring craft. Their marketing strategy needed a kick-start and their tools needed an overhaul… They thought a new website might solve the problem, but that was really just a scratch on the surface!



Discovering the real challenge –

The Brand Constructors applied our Pre-Construction Audit to American Tile & Terrazzo’s stakeholders, clients, strategic partners, and influencing brand community. Then we took a deep dive into their industry and competitive landscape to help determine what was next for their company.





Creating the Blueprints for what’s next

We determined it was time in the life-cyle of their business to make a radical change from their 60 year old founding identity. To set them apart from any other competitors in their industry, we applied their true company culture, to the re-naming of their organization. We also provided insight into how their organization has been so successful through the years, and used this to established strategic marketing statements and positioning that will help their artisanal craftsmen truly appreciate the work they produce while the company grows into a larger success.



New Name, New Logo and New Plan

Truly artisanal craftsmen deserve a powerful identity to represent them in today’s modern competitive landscape. In addition to devising their new naming, we also developed new logo and “shield” icon as the visual representation of their mastership work. Of course, this total makeover required a new marketing toolkit of materials (a comprehensive re-start) including: signage, uniforms, equipment decals and much more.



Terrazzo Masters bring their 15th-Century Craft to the Modern Digital World

Using our intimate knowledge of the company and industry, our brand constructing pros wrote all new content for and designed an amazing new website for The Terrazzo Masters so they can do their hard work justice on the web. The site was built to speak directly to the Terrazzo Masters’ primary customer profiles by integrating content and info those professionals need and want during their decision-making process.



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