Team-Driven Culture

Last week’s blog post on a brand’s culture saving legal fees hit home with some of you based on emails & comments I received via social media. I thought we should continue this conversation and review the culture when it’s built by a team and ways to build that unity.

When construction companies are small, they definitely take on the personality of the owner. Whether it be tough and steadfast or slow and analytical, the company is a reflection of the owner. As the company grows, the personality shares the personality of the key players and other principals. This personality should attract a common type of employee and the company’s culture will evolve from this personality and the employees actions. A brand needs to be flexible and allow the employees, and sometimes the clients, to have a say in the culture.

Many companies will do a fundraiser because it affects one of their own including March of Dimes, breast cancer walks, or something related to a community. Even fun things like No-Shave November where men didn’t shave for the month of November to build awareness for men’s health causes. One of the most famous teams doing this included the Today Show men including Matt Lauer, Al Roker, Carson Daily, and Willie Geist. [Fun animated images of their beards growing.]



Years ago, when we had a team mostly of guys, we have 4 of them participating in Moustache May. While this one didn’t have the social awareness cause behind it, it was a lot of fun for the team and it brought all of us closer together. It also helped define our team as a loose, fun loving group that works hard and plays hard.

When companies show a different side of themselves and show that people come ahead of profits, it unites the employees and their families. Also, when employees get together with their families, there is a sense of a larger family; a family they do not want to leave. This unity increases employee retention, thus saving the company money.