Take Action

buildbusiness 2012 logoLast week was an inspiring time as I join my friends and fellow members of SMPS for the annual Build Business conference, this time in San Francisco (Twitter #smps2012). It is an inspiring time because people from across the country share their ideas, successes and positive attitude. This year’s theme “Take Action” hit home for me as just a week prior, I had been working with my business coach to figure out how to chip away at all of those long-term action items that never seemed to budge. You see, I set some lofty goals and to get there, my team & I have to do some incredible things. Unfortunately, many of them have gotten stalled and some have not even started as part of my new priority list where I rank everything my importance and urgency. Things were getting stuck in the Important, Not Urgent quadrant and nothing was moving forward.

To get things moving, I’ve added two 30-minute action items a day (8:30 & 5:30) to work on long-term, less urgent goals. A key element of scheduling these tasks are to move them if needed. For example, I should have written this blog post yesterday, but a client called in with an emergency so I’m writing it this morning. The past two weeks have already shown great success as we’re finishing up two white papers (which we’ll be sharing shortly).

A vital part of goal setting is to write them down. The next step is to tell others about it so you’re accountable. As part of my Taking Action, here are some our action items:

  • – Write a monthly white paper
  • – Email the white paper to brand community
  • – Refocus & redesign our website
  • – Develop a new presentation
  • – Create a prospect packet
  • – Build a client welcome kit
  • – Start our video blog post series

Now you can all see what my team & I are working on and hold us accountable. One thing we’re also working on that will take some additional time is a book on brand marketing. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the book and all of these items as many of them carry out our philosophy of education marketing.

How are you going to Take Action the second half of 2012?

PS – Why 8:30 & 5:30? Well it is quiet, as most of my team gets in after 9am and in the evening the phones generally stop ringing (distracting me) around 5pm. You may notice most of my blog posts are made on Thursdays around 9am.