We begin our work, much like you, with pre-construction – either a Brand Base Audit or our Discovery process. Through these, we research your situation to fully understand your current challenges, as well as your opportunities for success. This Pre-construction Phase is necessary to better identify your differentiators, discover your true brand identity, and to help us develop strategies that position you correctly in your market. Your differentiation and brand strategy must be at the heart and soul of everything we do for you, so everything we do begins with our Brand Base Audit or Discovery.

Perhaps your company is planning to rebrand or launch a large campaign; maybe you’re transitioning the business to the next generation; maybe you don’t know what’s needed to kick-start your company, or how to re-energize an old company that is losing sales. Whatever your big-picture-branding-project is, we’ll take you through our proprietary 305-point Brand Base Audit to help us truly understand your company and your brand. We will identify your opportunities and challenges, and recommend the tools needed to accomplish your goals more efficiently. Our Brand Base Audit helps answer those million-dollar, CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) level questions so you know where you are headed and what you’ll need in your marketing tool-box to get you there.

However, if you need us to tackle an emergency project or are just looking for a powerful website or revitalized marketing creative, our Discovery process can give us the knowledge about your company that we need to be effective. Discovery is accomplished via phone, email, and through web-based research. We’ve worked with many types of construction companies, but every brand, market, and challenge is unique and calls for its own customized approach.

Once equipped with the necessary knowledge about you and your brand, we will lay out a specific game plan and brand marketing strategy to retool your marketing toolkit with specialized equipment designed to set you apart from your competition.

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