Sponsoring Demolition?!?

The Cowboys have a new home & you can blow up their old one!

The Cowboys have a new home and you can blow up their old one!

Surprising news from Texas – Kraft Foods is sponsoring the demolition of Texas Stadium.

The food company has a contest where the winner will be able to press the button to demolish the stadium.

In a recent article on the Brand Channel, the post suggest this warm community sponsorship could  backfire and turn into a contest of hatred because die-hard fans the Washington Redskins and New York Giants could win the competition and blow up the long-time home of the rival Dallas Cowboys. What a delight, blowing up your long-time rivals stadium.

This could be a new way for broke cities to make money in the coming years, the mayor of Irving says the national exposure of the demolition is worth $1 million.

What do you think about this? Do you agree with companies sponsoring events like this? Do you think this would backfire on Kraft & Dallas? Would you want to press the button?