Speed Optimization

For your company’s construction website speed is what you need! Speed Optimization simply means how fast or slow your websites loads in a browser. While it might not seem trivial, it’s crucial to the success of your “online business development tool” known as your website. Having an optimized website will increase traffic, conversion rates, sales, and return on investment.

Users expect websites to load quickly, especially on their mobile device. If a site is taking too long to load, they will simply hit the back button and move to the next site in their Google search, and that will be to one of your competitors. Google measures how fast your site loads, and will boost your ranking if it loads quickly OR push your ranking lower for a slow loading website. But that is not the only reason to have a speed optimized website. A fast loading site creates a better user experience, making it more likely the user can find the information they are seeking. A satisfied user is also more likely to return to your site in the future.

Architects and engineers don’t want to wait for 60 seconds while you website loads, so we optimize for speed and delivery. When creating responsive websites, we monitor load time for each component of the site. And we optimize every ounce of your website for speed creating the ideal user experience.