Social Media Statistics

I received an email over the weekend promoting social media monitoring and other things that I don’t really need. Included in the email was some amazing statistics on the size of social media. I’ve always been a fan of social media personally and professionally. It is staggering to think how many people are on Facebook now. (That 6 Degrees of Separation theory is proving itself right.)

FaceBook Facebook has over 1.3 billion monthly active users
Twitter 6.5 million Twitter users
LinkedIn Nearly 315 million people on Linkedin
Foursquare Over 50 million people use Foursquare/Swarm

Another thing I learned from this – check your facts. I was quite surprised that Twitter only had 6.5 million users. With all of companies and  TV shows utilizing Twitter, I was dumbfounded that they had such a small reach. A quick Google search pulls statistics in the range of 250 million active users.