Social Media for Construction – 2013 Survey Results

From the Construction Marketing Association's 2013 Social Media in Construction Survey

From the Construction Marketing Association’s 2013 Social Media in Construction Survey

The Construction Marketing Association recently completed their annual Social Media in Construction Survey.

It is not surprising to see 96.6% of the survey participants using social media and that the vast majority, over 92%, mange this internally. The surprising statistic was 40% use Google+, 26% use Pinterest and 68% use YouTube. The Construction Marketing Association’s members are not just marketers at large construction companies, they run the gambit from residential contractors to construction product manufacturers. Manufacturers have a great opportunity to showcase their products via YouTube and Pinterest. The Home Decor category of Pinterest is a gold mine of information for both buyers and residential contractors to find great ideas and to showcase their work, respectively. The lack of use in Houzz is surprising, but that will vary depending on the participants.

It excites me to see 88% of survey participants uses LinkedIn, which is probably the norm across all B-to-B industries. I am curious about the 47% that blog. It’s less than half, but the construction industry is behind the curve of content marketing, which relies heavily on blogs.

Luckily, we’re not talking about construction companies that have zero web presence nowadays (although a few still exist).

How do you stack up with these statistics? Make sure to take a look at the most and least effective social media channels.