Social Media & Cross Promotions

I recently wrote two blog posts for our parent company, Design the Planet, about Social Media Personalities and Cross Promotions. The topics are more pertinent to Design the Planet’s B-to-C than the A/E/C industry, but I did not want to leave you out.

Here is a brief summary of each post, click the title to read the rest the full post.
Social Media Personalities – Many times the “voice” or tone of a company or organization’s social media is from the company or when appropriate, a first person perspective. The post discussions using a consistent voice to build brand loyalty and to prevent confusion as well as going into a brief list of dos and don’ts of social media including Current Events, Rewards, Too Many Posts, and even the importance of Spell Check. Tip: Misspellings may lead to a strong brand if appropriate (e.g. rapper or teen brand).
Cross Promotions – A New Orleans based iced tea company did a great multiple-medium promotion by running a contest on the radio station to look for different billboards around town based on the DJs’ clues that day. The post also discusses the importance of a web presence to back up the promotion and a potential pitfall that many agencies lead clients toward – the promotion website.