So, What is Marketing Automation Then?

marketing_automation_thinkstock_533611051-smLast week, we discussed content marketing in construction. We had to cover that first because marketing automation utilizes content heavily. Marketing automation is a method of nurturing leads and moving them to a close using technology and systems. It centers around data, and a good CRM (Client Relationship Management) tool is a must. This data is marketing intelligence and makes marketers amazingly efficient.

This graphic from is great because it shows the progression of a prospective client from attraction to nurturing and prioritizing to the sale. Companies attract prospects using content marketing (social media, blogs, articles, presentations, etc.) into the sales funnel. Then they nurture them with additional content such as case studies and white papers to move them closer to the end of the sales process.

The beauty of the automation part of this is that all this can be happening without your business development team doing anything. You can structure your website to have follow-up emails automatically go to prospects that download a white paper. You can also market prospects that have gone cold to re-engage them automatically. What many marketers consider simple email blasts in Constant Contact or Mail Chimp are actually powerful lead nurturing mechanisms that keep your company top of mind and positioned as an expert.

Many marketers include website visitor tracking in with the term “marketing automation”. This method is knowing your prospects actions such reading specific blog posts, clicking on emails, or downloading white papers. This generates a lead score so your business developers can call warm leads when they are ready to buy instead of cold calling a list blindly. I know this sounds “big brother”, but companies do not get your important information like birthdays, credit card numbers, or social security numbers. It helps them tailor and personalize your experience.

Marketing automation allows your marketing and business development teams to work smarter, not harder. It also can ease an overworked team by putting in systems and the lead score prioritizes work.

If you have questions about using content marketing and/or marketing automation for your company, please contact us to discuss.