Site Banners at Night?

Do you have a banner or sign with your company logo on your job sites? If you don’t, you should. It’s cheap advertising. For a few hundred dollars, you can print a couple of signs to advertise your company. This will help build your brand with your customer base because they will see the type of work you are doing as  well as help you recruit employee. All that with a simple sign with your logo and you should add your website address.

If you are posting a sign on your construction sites; can you see it at night? Many have been challenged with creating a sign that is visible 24 hours a day especially when much of the area’s infrastructure is in pieces. No one would want to run a generator all night just to light a banner. Have you thought of reflective banners? The reflective material shines bright in the darkest hours of the night and it only costs 10-15% more to print.

Here is a sample of a banner that our large format printer, Crystal Clear Imaging , made for us to show our client show well it works. We took this picture in our office at night with the lights off and you can see how bright the sign appears with just a simple flash. We zoomed in so you can see my hand holding the sign to get a true appreciation how dark it was in our office. If you’re outside the New Orleans area, don’t fret. Crystal Clear Imaging can print your banners and ship them to you. They do it all the time. Give them a call & tell them the Brand Constructions sent ya.

You can see how dark our office was when we took the image.