Repost: Be the Best or Be the Cheapest.

We’ve grown our blog readership over the years so many of our newer readers haven’t seen some of our older posts. We will be reposting some of our favorite and most talked about blog posts from the past. We’ll mark the post in the title with “Repost” like this one and we created a “Reposts” category as well so the posts do not come up twice in the tag cloud or category lists. We’ll give you a snippet of the original post & link you to the original post.

The first on is a good reminder when working on positioning and pricing for your construction company.

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Be the Best or Be the Cheapest. You decide.

Many have heard as a consumer, you can pick two of the three – quality, speed, or price. You will never get all three. Anyone that is cheap and quality, is busy so speed is out. Many times, speed costs money, so price is out on that one. Finally, we all know that you get what you pay for so with quality should come more expensive prices.

So in the life of Lowest Bidder, how can this effect you?… Read more>>