Real Reason to Enter Construction Awards

Barriere Construction working on Gen. DeGaulle's drainage.

Barriere Construction working on Gen. DeGaulle’s drainage.

Winning awards is great, but they do more than just stroke your ego. The obvious reasons are to build credibility for your company and to show your team that you appreciate their hard work. Most companies miss a great opportunity – to showcase your company’s specialities or unknown services.

If you have a niche market or service, awards are an amazing way to showcase them and add more distance between your company and everyone else. Also, if you’re know for one type of construction and you have a newer service or construction type that you want people to know about, awards can be that platform to tell everyone just how good you are at it.

For years, we’ve worked with Barriere Construction to develop the award submissions. Barriere is known as a dominant force in asphalt paving in Southeast Louisiana. They also do a lot of heavy civil construction and concrete paving. We’ve used awards to build this awareness and change the industry’s perception of the company. This also helps with prospective clients that doubt the company’s abilities because it shows Barriere can do award winning work for construction that is not just asphalt paving.

Do you use awards to change the perception of your company? What else do you use to build awareness and change perception?