Predictions for Construction Marketing in 2013

It’s the new year and the lists from 2012 are out. We’ve been talking about the year ahead and here are our predictions for 2013:

  • Increased mobile presence – Everything is mobile in B2C world and it is carrying over to B2B quickly, which means you need to be prepared for it. More people are searching your website on mobile devices, especially on tablets. How does your website look on a tablet? Check it out, you may be surprised.
  • Responsive design – With the move to mobile, the best method for most companies is Responsive Design, which is a website that reacts and adjusts to the visitors screen size. Whether they see your website on a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone, your website looks good and gives them the information they need. The best part for marketers – one database to manage. Learn more about it in a recent blog post we wrote – Responsive Design.
  • Pinterest – This new social media site made a huge splash in 2012 and one that many experts didn’t see coming. Pinterest is great for crafts, wedding planning, and home decorating, but it also has value to the A/E/C industry. Architects and home builders are showing off their best work and many, like our design team, are working with clients to help decipher our client’s vision. In construction, it’s a great way to show of your work, connect with referral partners, and get some ideas for ways to improve your projects (especially green).
  • Strong brand names – The recession has closed numerous poor performing companies and those who didn’t always do things so ethically. Your company name is important and what you stand for as a company is too, otherwise known as branding. Many great employees are leaving their employers and going to work for company’s with great reputations for getting things done and treating people right.
  • More personality – Also, not all companies are the same and prospective employees are looking for the right fit. Your brand personality is important to not only new employees, but with potential new customers. They plan on working with you for months and years, they want to work with someone they like. It has been proven that people hire who they like over who is most qualified. Clients that pick you for being you, are easier to work with and more enjoyable.
  • Continued accountability & marketing teams that deliver – We’re seeing the rise of the marketing team where CEOs & CFOs are counting on their marketers to bring them to the next level and keep them on top. Marketers are starting to have their voice heard (I know, it’s been a long time coming), but they’re also holding them accountable. If you ask for a larger marketing budget, you need to deliver stronger results. Over the next few years, we see a shakedown of marketers.

Those are our predictions for 2013 in construction marketing. What do you think about them? Do you have additional predictions?