Pre-Construction – Discovery

Sometimes a company just doesn’t have time for us to conduct our full Brand Base Audit due to up-coming deadlines or the need for us to tackle an emergency project quickly. However, we still need to know enough about you to be able to do what needs to be done. So, before working up designs or marketing materials, we get to know you better through our Discovery process (otherwise, we’ll be creating nice looking materials that have “no meat”), which is an abbreviated version of our full and comprehensive Brand Base Audit. Using Discovery, we’ll quickly get the gist of your company at its core including your brand personality and strategic differentiation, allowing us to work at a Marketing Manager level to get your projects quickly out the door.

Discovery usually entails multiple conversations with decision makers about the company’s brand, value proposition, and strategic differentiation; researching main competitors; and developing an understanding of your current strategy and messaging. Discovery can also help us determine the proper marketing materials and messaging you need to position the company properly and to attract the type of projects you really want to win.

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