Terrazzo Masters

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American Tile and Terrazzo contracted with the Brand Constructors in 2016 to help them revitalize their brand. This investment would help ATT create a plan to increase their local marketing effectiveness while generating brand-awareness for growth into new markets.

After an extensive Discovery, and much internal discussion, it was decided that re-naming the company was necessary to accomplish their business development goals.

Working closely with ATT management and owners, TBC helped develop a new name for this very successful family-owned terrazzo-focused company: Terrazzo Masters. The new name is synonymous with their artisan construction craft and their process of developing skilled terrazzo craftsman.

After renaming and redesigning their identity and producing a new stationary package, their new website was launched as a comprehensive resource for everything terrazzo. TBC also developed their SOQ, designers’ chip charts, a full marketing plan and strategies for how best to connect with Architects, Designers, and more.

Their digital marketing toolbox now helps their Business Development Team turn Architects into prospects and helps Terrazzo Masters look like the leaders they are in this construction-craft industry.