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This second-generation commercial glass and window-wall company was suffering from serious brand disconnect. They were operating under 3 different brands without a clearly defined purpose, and in some cases found themselves competing against their own companies for projects. Obviously, this was confusing to both prospects and clients alike.

Working with the owner and executive team, the Brand Constructors conducted an extensive brand audit to determine a logical direction for the various brands in order to reposition how the three companies are marketed and used.

We began by modernizing the two original company logos (one, over 100 years old). Then, we developed and designed an identity for a parent-brand for application on a new comprehensive single website built to market all 3 brands successfully. The new website clearly defines which company to use for specific services and resources by guiding visitors seeking manufacturing and installation of curtain walls, windows, and glass, or those needing installation and maintenance to the right place.

This comprehensive rebranding was applied to the organization’s stationary package and marketing toolbox (business cards, letterhead, project site signage, trade show displays and materials, company brochures, and more).

NOG is no longer missing out on connecting with architects, contractors and developers searching for their capabilities online, and their business developers now have the tools needed to make new connections and close more business.

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