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Hernandez Consulting Website - Built by Brand Constructors of New Orleans, Louisiana.
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Hernandez Consulting & Construction was founded in 2005 during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and has continued to grow and evolve as a company, leaning into their vision to “build great projects for a better future.” As their company expanded, prospects and internal team members noticed that their high-level work and success weren’t matching up to their online presence. Enter: The BrandConstructors.

Our team addressed this glaring disconnect between their incredible work in the field and their not-so-incredible website. We dug deep into the core of the Hernandez operation, executing a full brand audit. We needed to understand the company’s most appealing and unique features to help our strategists, designers, and developers do what they do best.

The project yielded a modern and responsive website worthy enough to showcase the “great projects” Hernandez Consulting takes on. This timeless web design serves their vision, attracts new prospects, and optimizes marketing efforts. The new layout is user-centric and the improved navigation has enhanced organization of the company’s various assets.