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FME Systems, a Texas-based engineering firm with expertise in Chemical Refining and Oil & Gas industries, approached The Brand Constructors with a dilemma: a dated, unorganized online presence that made their operation seem less capable or qualified than their competitors. It was time for a radical change to reflect the full scope of their work and capabilities, so we helped beef up the authority of this not-so-small Texas firm.

We gathered feedback through our discovery process, surveyed company stakeholders, and researched the industry for opportunities. From there, the picture became more apparent: we identified the need to transform FME Systems into a new brand identity. To accomplish this, we leveraged the years of experience and notoriety of its founder, ultimately deciding on “Goynes Consulting.”

Identity Design:


  New (2019-Present)


Project Highlights:

  • New identity and logo
  • Improved navigation and user-experience
  • New branding statements
  • Responsive web design


The project successfully turned a once-small engineering firm into a burgeoning consultancy that engages clients, not just project engineers, as comprehensive problem-solvers. From market research and impact studies to strategy and implementation, all the way to project completion and continued management, we assisted in the transformation of FME Systems into Goyne Consulting.