Poke Holes in Your Competition Without Bad Mouthing

Bad mouth

From blog.qhub.com

Poking holes in your competition is one of our basic sales strategies and a form of differentiating your firm. Bad mouthing your competitors can bring you down to their level and you don’t want to be down there with them. Think how you feel when politicians start “mud slinging”–it’s not pretty and no one wins.

The key is to first define what makes you better (where are their holes). Secondly, tell your prospects, customers, and your own team why you are better. This is apropos because just this morning I was working with our parent company on a presentation to a large entity here in New Orleans. Before we even started developing the presentation, we listed out each of the competitors we expected and how we can defeat them. Then, as we built the presentation we made sure those points were used and emphasized.

Before we left, we got a chance to chat with some of the committee members and they mentioned a few of our points back to us, so we know our message got through to them.