Mobile Accessibility

Having a Mobile-Friendly Website, meaning a full website that can be viewed on a mobile phone or tablet, is essential for a good user experience and is also beneficial for construction website’s Google ranking. Google is penalizing sites that are not mobile-friendly. So if your competitor has a mobile site, they will rank higher in Google for that reason alone.

brc google searchMobile web browsing represents more then half of the traffic arriving to your website today. Have you ever searched the web from your smart phone even when a desktop computer is available? Have you clicked the link in the Facebook app to read an article? These examples illustrate just how important having a mobile-friendly website is.

It is predicted that more than 60% of web traffic will be mobile in the coming years. And mobile phones/divices come in a million different sizes. This is why having a responsive website for your construction company is essential for your success.

The desktop version of your site might have lots of imagery and interactivity which isn’t necessarily ideal for the mobile user. The mobile user needs to be able to find the information they are seeking quickly, without the distraction of elaborate images and animations.There is a lot of strategy and planning that goes into developing a responsive mobile-friendly website.

In the process of planning and designing a responsive website, we create a different wireframe for each device (desktop, tablet, and cell phone). Then, we prioritize which content is important to the user. We want to make sure we create the optimal user experience.