Marketing Systems

Your marketing budget and calendar are the tracking tools necessary for preventing you from becoming a reactionary marketer. They’re an integral part of the system!

Your marketing initiatives and tasks will be managed by your marketing calendar and determined by your budget. Marketing should be systematic and not reactionary. Your plan includes activities and tasks, events, deadlines, opportunities, responsible parties, logistics and efforts so that nothing slips through the cracks for planning, assigning responsibilities, tracking and budgeting. Without a marketing calendar to manage your marketing systems, you’ll most likely fall into the trap of reactionary marketing which wastes resources and time, and often generates very poor results (if any).

Using the findings and recommendations from the discovery stage Brand Base-Audit and your unique Marketing Blueprints report, we will make recommendations that guide you through the design/build phase, assemble your integrated marketing toolkit, help you consider every possible detail, help with assigning and tracking activities, and even assist you with training members of your business development team on implementing and maximizing their new marketing systems.


At the end of your marketing calendar year, we’ll help you evaluate your marketing effectiveness to determine which initiatives and opportunities to carry over to next year, and which ones to scrap and replace. This is how effective marketing gets done. It’s a work in progress, and your marketing calendar must be the blueprint for all your on-going efforts.