Have a great prospect list? Guess what. Unless you have a state-of-the-art program in place that will help you track and engage your prospects, chances are you won’t close the deal. Marketing Automation can help you turn prospects into paying customers.

Marketing Automation in a Nutshell.

Marketing Automation is a technology that helps you market on multiple online channels, including websites, email and social media. It helps you plan and measure each of your marketing initiatives and streamline your sales. In short, it lets you replace repetitive manual processes with high-tech automated solutions. Whether you have one salesperson or a six-person team, a strong, customized platform will help you bring your website, CRM, email marketing and online advertising together. This platform can allow you to send qualified leads directly to your sales team, saving you both time and money. An optimized Marketing Automation platform works as a pumped-up CRM and can turn your prospects into loyal brand advocates.

Did you know that fewer than 3% of visitors take the time to complete forms on websites? That’s right! In other words, 97% of the traffic generated from SEO, Pay Per Click campaigns, and other digital marketing is wasteful. Our Lead Tracking tool will not only help you to identify “anonymous” visitors, but will also tell you what they are interested in and provide you with up-to-date contact information.

With our Marketing Automation platform, you can assign points based on a prospect’s perceived value and then spend your time going after your hottest leads. When a lead reaches a designated minimum score, your sales team will be sent an alert notifying them that it’s time to make the move.

Marketing Automation