How to Market a New Construction Company/Division [Part 1]


This is a question I get a lot, whether it is for a new company or a large company creating a new division or entering a new market. I will assume that if you’re starting a new division or construction company that you have construction experience and you didn’t wake up this morning with dreams of building skyscrapers, bridges, and hospitals with no idea where to begin.

It starts with what you’re good at and who you are, or as we call it, your company’s differentiation and brand personality.

  • Company Differentiation – You do things differently than your competitors and have advantages over your competitors. Otherwise why are you starting a new company/division? Look to these fundamental differentiators and tell your prospective buyers and your brand community, which consists of your team, subs, vendors, suppliers, industry friends, and the customers you may have already. Your differentiation might be a special process, niche market, or geographic area.
  • Brand Personality – Think of the difference between Coke & Pepsi and Walmart & Target. They essentially do the same things, but you get a different feel from each company’s advertising, marketing, and customer experience. Construction is no different. Each company has an experience and a personality. Define what it means to be a part of your organization and work with this company. Defining your brand personality will save your numerous headaches and thousands of dollars in bad hires, misplaced marketing, and in attracting the wrong clients. When you’re starting fresh, you can focus on finding the right clients that match your vision and personality instead of being in the perpetuating wheel of busy where you are constantly busy, but not making any money.

Next time we’ll discuss more of the business development side of starting a new construction company.