How to Market a New Construction Company/Division [Part 2]

Once you know who you are, now you need to build out your marketing toolkit starting with your logo.

Circle_ConstructionLogo – Your logo isn’t your brand, but it personifies your brand. Your brand is a collection of all the experiences with your company and your logo should convey your brand’s personality. When you’re new to a market or sector, your logo logo should build credibility for you when you have none.

Next up is a strong business card. You will need to get out of the office and meet people. Giving them a strong business card builds confidence inside of you and shows that you’re credible to them. Don’t skimp here with flimsy cards with perforated edges – it reflects an image you don’t want to be associated with even when your company is new.

Website – Even if all you can do for now is a 1 page website, that is better than nothing. This builds even more credibility because most people you hand your business card to will look you up online. Give them something that shows you’re a real business. This includes your email address too; it should be branded with your company’s domain name, not an AOL email address.

Brochure – Keep it simple here. I usually recommend a one-pager of something you can easily update as you grow and complete new projects and probably print in-house for now (on nice, thick paper). This works as a strong leave behind when meeting prospects and potential team members and can be emailed as well.

As you grow, continue to build on each of these items and build out your marketing toolkit. Once the logo is nailed down, everything gets easier to create and looks better with a real logo.