How to Get Work In Today’s Construction Market

I recently read a great blog post on Constructonomics about how to get business in this economy in the construction market. We couldn’t agree more with what the author says, “Be better, and not just less expensive.”

This is something we talk about with our clients daily. A company needs to brand themselves on what makes them different and why those differentiating characteristics are better. If you have different equipment, specialized training, or more experience you should charge more. I’ve even talked to clients about guaranteeing their prices because of their experience. The guarantee raises questions about the competitors cheaper prices and we talked about branding this theme as “gambling” if you go with the lower bids because of poor quality and work change orders.

How is your company different from your competitors? Not sure. Think about when you lose a bid, why are you upset that you lost the job? If you’re no different than them and they have a lower price; why should you get the business? I bet you can think of a few reasons now why you’re better than them besides lowest price.