How Project Photos Effect a Construction Company’s Brand

Two Men Wearing Hard Hats Looking at a Laptop Computer on a Building Site

Two Men Wearing Hard Hats Looking at a Laptop Computer on a Building Site

A brand includes every element of your company, and photography is no exception. Good photography tells a story about your brand and your work. It represents your brand and compels your customers to want to work with you. Good photography can secure a client. Bad photography sends prospect clients running to your competitors – ouch!

Using good photography to your advantage can represent your company in a way that no other element in your marketing toolbox has the power to do.

We all know that images have the ability to convey a message very quickly and profoundly. The photographic images you use to represent your brand should not only showcase your work, but also be a visual testimonial of your capabilities and experience.

Images used in your marketing toolbox should be an extension of your brand and visually communicate to your consumer your company’s core values and mission.

Choosing images to represent your brand:

  1. Photography should convey the value of the product or service your company is offering, this is why strong imagery is so important.
  2. Avoid generic images that aren’t relevant to your brand. Differentiate your business from the rest of the competition by using relevant and genuine photos.
  3. Define the photograph’s usage and put your focus on the message you’re conveying to the consumer. If you are successful, the viewer will be enticed to find out more about your business – genuine photography builds trust and can initiate relationships.
  4. Images speak, even when you don’t. Professional attention-grabbing images can stop someone in their tracks and evoke curiosity to explore your brand further. They should be used to inform your target audience of the value of your products or services in situations where words may fail. They should draw your prospective buyer into a larger conversation. If you clearly communicate your message, people will remember you when it comes time to buy.
  5. Show the ingenuity and integrity behind your company with jobsite photos. It is rare that the public gets to see the inner workings of a construction job site; sometimes putting this at the forefront establishes a personal connection and credibility. Also, your clients want to see your team working, as do potential employees. Just showing completed projects portrays a lifeless company and can confuse a customer by making them think you’re an architect.