Funny Construction Jokes Contest

We are building a Construction Joke online resource, and maybe even an illustrated book in the future if we can get enough material.

If you have a few good jokes to share, we will be happy to give you credit (if you want it) when we use them.

WE will be giving away 5 – $50 Starbucks gift cards to the people who submit the best 5 jokes we receive, as determined by our Brand Constructors Team. May the best contractor win!

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Here is what we have so far:


Do you want to hear a construction joke?
Oh sorry I’m still working on it.


What are the only two seasons in the Midwest?
Winter and Construction.


How do construction workers party?
They raise the roof.


What type of tool does a prehistoric reptile carpenter use?
A dino-saw!


Why did the construction worker dip his finger in blue ink?
To get a blueprint.


What are the only two seasons in the South?
Football and Construction.


What does a carpenter have in common with a volleyball player?
They both like to hammer spikes.


Why did I choose construction as a career?
I find construction work to be riveting.