Email Marketing Automation

Once you have identified your website visitors, now it’s time to start marketing to them. Automated drip email campaigns allow you to continually engage leads early in the sales process. With our system you can send targeted personalized emails automatically based on customer activity (or lack of activity).

According to a report by ForresterB2B marketers who utilize marketing automation can increase their sales pipeline contribution by an average of 10%. 

Using our email automation system, you are able to customize each email using lead specific information such as First & Last Name, Company, Title, Industry, etc. Customizing emails using these personalization options allows you to send an email that looks like you wrote it specifically to them. Once the lead opens your email and clicks through to your website, you are able to track which pages they went to and how long they stayed on the page. This helps to gauge where the lead is in the sales cycle, allowing you to continue your customized drip campaign. Email automation is not just for new leads, it also is very useful for your existing customers to encourage them to learn about new product offerings or upsells to existing products.