Don’t Let Website Woes Leave Prospects Questioning if You’re Terrazzo Pros!

If you think your terrazzo business is immune to the rapid technological advances disrupting other industries, think again. Just as we don’t install terrazzo the way we did in 1909, we must also reevaluate how we build our relationships, communicate and present ourselves to our customers.

In today’s world, people are constantly plugged-in and surfing the internet for products and services – YOUR products and services. How you introduce them to your business online should be given the same level of consideration as your approach to your offline presence (i.e., your brick and mortar location, your signage, uniforms, etc.). The reason is simple: more and more people are building their understanding of businesses online first. Your website, the case of finding you online and your website’s user experience once they get to your site all shape the first (and hopefully not last) impression of your business.

So why won’t your old website do the trick anymore? After all, you offer terrazzo and cater to subcontractors, architects, and designers. Well, the unfortunate reality is that people come into and leave the workforce each year. If your business plans to be around in the future, it will have to adapt like those that are replacing your established partners and clients.

The next generation of relationships you plan to nurture will hinge on your ability to communicate your capabilities online effectively. An old, outdated brochure-style website will send the message that you’re unwilling to embrace new technology, or you’re just not willing to invest in your business any longer. It will say that the effort to provide crucial information isn’t at the top of your priority list. It will suggest to the next wave of architects, designers, and subcontractors that they shouldn’t waste time submitting bids or requests, because if you don’t care, why should they?

You may not need all the fancy website features typically used by other industries, but offering functionality and updated design is no longer an option, it’s a requirement to compete and win new opportunities. Well written content, professional photography and design, and modern user experience are not luxuries.

If you feel unsure about how to update and position your current website into something beautiful and capable of generating business, then reach out for help. For instance, our team has worked to help numerous companies in the construction industry, including several terrazzo and flooring organizations. We’d be happy to put our years of experience to work for you.