Demolition is Fun!

Recently a few run down buildings in the neighborhood were torn down. The first is an apartment complex just across the street from our office building. It looked like it was falling down before Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and it only got worse. Occasionally, a porch would fall down and expose more of the wreckage inside. The apartments had been in the news many times as a derelict building that outraged neighbors. Now the rubble is a sign of growth and starting over and no longer a reminder of despair and a home to rats and other unmentionables.

The second building was a former commercial property a few blocks up the road from our office. Since we moved into our office in 2003, I do not recall the building ever being utilized. Until the day it was torn down, it was riddled with graffiti and inhabited only by the homeless. This is another sign of progress.

We are pleased to be rid of these buildings and share our joy with you.