Building Personality into Construction Websites

There’s a whole range of topics centered on perfecting your brand’s website – from tone to optimizing for mobile devices, to design do’s and don’ts, and more. While these are all extremely important, this article covers the cherry on top: personalizing websites to your construction brand.

We know by now that people surfing the web consume so much information their brains hardly begin to comprehend even one-third of it. After a while, websites can start to look and feel almost exactly the same, and as they blend together, they often end up losing their identity to the mental swamp of “Companies You Can’t Remember But Thought Were Kind of Relevant.” Cling to this safety-vest, dear reader, if you feel that your site is inspiring the miraculous human act of eyes glazing over. It might just be that you’re in need of some heavy-duty website personalization to set your construction company apart from similar sounding competitors, and this starts with branding your brand!

What is personalizing my website, and why should I do it?

Website personalization can be executed in many different ways but is mostly all about communicating “why” your company is in business and the value it brings to projects that are different from your competitors. Also, letting visitors see a more human side of your brand and business operations can give your website a more interpersonal feeling. Working examples of this are behind-the-scenes photos depicting your “why we’re in business” philosophy, customized staff photos that spotlight your crew delivering the client experience, or any showing off unique projects/volunteer work you complete. Website personalization is a useful tool for building your external and internal brand culture, but the benefits don’t just stop there. Showing off the people that make your day-to-day possible, and the extraordinary things that those people do, even if they’re a bit quirky, give visitors to your website a reason to connect with your brand. More ways for converting strangers to loyal fans of your brand = more revenue, and more opportunities to bid on new client projects in the long run.

On our Brand Constructors staff page, we have photos that show off who we are. Our team members’ photos convey their professional and confident outlook on things both business and leisure, allowing clients to get to know us as people as well as professionals. Being able to consult clients on complex topics requires a great deal of knowledge and experience, and not all of this comes through a person’s professional channel.

Once you’ve personalized your team photos, don’t stop there. Another great way to bring business personality to your website and show off your brand identity is by adding your social media feeds. Not only does it offer people more opportunities to observe your creative output, but it also gives your brand increased accessibility, illuminating the behind-the-scenes moments that make up your company’s success, and the human face of the hard work that goes on every day. In today’s digital society, prospects navigate tidal waves of information on a second-to-second basis and usually from a mobile device – any methods you use to help them remember you, connect with your company, and inspire interest rationale is powerful for your brand. Simply put… Communicating brand personality helps you cut through the noise of the competition.

Show off your community involvement, certifications, awards, activities of interest and notable projects by putting photos and descriptions and achievements on your pages. This is your chance to toot your own horn – something that many construction businesses just do not do enough. Let the world know what makes you guys so great to work with, why you’re the best for the project, what you’ve done to give back, and how you got to where you are today. It’s best to let your site talk to them like you’re sitting in front of them – adopting language and tone that is true to your brand is just another way of showing off the humans behind the screen.

Have more insights on personalizing your website? Share a tip or the story of how you’ve customized your own website experience. We’re always looking to hear from you! Let’s build something together!